ERP Pain Relief

You selected and implemented the best and the most suitable ERP for your organization. A substantial amount of time, money and resources were spent on it. You expected that this implementation would result in improved productivity & operational efficiencies, a steady business growth, and lot of other business benefits.

But alas! the ERP, which you thought as Enterprise Resource Planning, has become Enterprise Resource Paining. Use our unique and specialized 'ERP Pain Relief' service to end all your ERP pains and problems!


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ERP Pain Point Scenarios

If you are not getting the desired business benefits from the ERP implmentation, instead having pains / problems, similar to as defined in following scenarios, you certainly need our ERP Pain Relief service.




  • After few days of Go-Live, you realize that ERP is not doing what you expected it to do.
  • You further realize, that your ERP team members cannot help you to figure out, that why ERP is not doing what you expected it to do.
  • You may also find that the several documents, which were gathered, prepared, printed, signed and filed, do not provide much of relief.
  • Your ERP works more as a stand-alone system, either due to the poor integration between various business processes, or no real-time integration with various data capturing devices like bio-metric attendance devices or bar-code reader etc.




The Job Description Of Your IT Personnels Looks Like This:

  • Applies knowledge of different business functions and policies and procedures to resolve concerns or questions reported by ERP system end-users.
  • New process development and implementation in the ERP system.
  • Providing Functional expertise to the team in modules 'X', 'Y', or 'Z' of the ERP.
  • Master data preparation and validation
  • Carrying out custom developments in the ERP




  • Despite of spending so much of money, time and resources on the ERP implementation, the end user is either not using the ERP, or the ERP use remains very minimal.
  • The ERP end user, is more comfortable in using the Excel or something simliar, rather than using the high end ERP system.
  • The data, reports and MIS produced by the ERP system remains questionable and is not deemed as reliable.
  • The data, reports and MIS produced outside the ERP system, using Excel or something similar, is believed to be more authentic and reliable.


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