EminentO Business Apps

EminentO Business Apps is very user friendly, feature rich, affordable, industry specific business software (ERP) solution, for complete automation of your business. Use EminentO Business Appps, to automate your all your business functions - Procurement, Inventory, Sales, Customer Invoicing and Payments, Customer Relationship, HR, Payroll, Production Planning, Manufacturing, Material Management, Financial Accounting, Projects, Asset, Documents and Service Delivery.

Our solutions are the best fit for the SMEs, Startups, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retailing and Distribution, Service Providers and Turnkey Project Implementers.


EminentO Business Apps Modules & Key Features

You can completely automate all your business functions, your complete value chain, using the EminentO Business Apps. The modular approch of the system gives you the flexibility of automating all your business functions either one-by-one, or all-at-once, depending on your business priorities.

Order Management


  • Comprehensive vendor master
  • Item indenting (Purchase Requisition) and approval
  • Purchase Order (PO) generation
  • PO preparation against approved budget limit
  • PO for direct and indirect material / capital and consumable items, Service PO, One time PO, Long term-contractual PO, Open PO, Excisable and Non-Excisable PO
  • Multi-level PO approval,
  • Delivery Schedules
  • View Purchase history, Tracking vendor deliveries, Multi-location item delivery, Vendor performance management
  • Print / Email purchase orders / delivery schedules

Store Management



  • Item receiving against purchase order, delivery schedule and gate pass
  • Receiving of Jobwork items
  • Item Receiving Gate Entry
  • Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Preparation
  • Rejection and Acceptance of the Items received
  • Store-wise / Location-wise item receiving
  • Store-wise / Location-wise item rejection
  • Stock (inventory) buildup

Inventory Management


  • Comprehensive Item Master
  • Manage multi-level item categories and subcategories for proper item classification
  • Maintain minimum stock level / re-order level of each item
  • Maintain multiple Stores and Inventory locations
  • Track accurately, Store-wise, Inventory Location wise, Item-wise stock-as on date
  • Conduct Physical Inventory / Stock Taking exercise
  • Perform adjustment of stock difference (if any) between book stock and physical stock
  • Stock Transfer between different locations, Stock Valuation (inventory valuation) as on date

Production Management


  • Comprehensive, multi-level Bill Of Material (BOM)
  • Maintain BOM for final, finished product, as well as for in-house items
  • Define product recipe (for process manufacturing)
  • Prepare and maintain Product-wise / consolidated production plan
  • Plan and maintain Customer Wise production plan
  • Plan Material Requirement based on Production Plan (MRP)
  • Define Actual Production
  • Perform Production Variance Analysis (Planned Vs. Actual)
  • Integration with the inventory management for the automatic inventory depletion of the production raw material

Customer Relationship


  • Comprehensive Customer Profiles / Prospect Profiles
  • Manage multiple locations of the customer
  • Excellent Lead Management - Handle and respond to Customer Enquiries (inbound / outbound)
  • Manage product-wise, multiple price list
  • Perform comprehensive Sales Analysis (Customer wise / Product wise / Zone wise)
  • Graphical dashboard for the sales analysis and order fulfillment
  • Post-Sales Support / Customer Complaint and Feedback Management
  • Customer complaint redressal
  • Print / email quotations / invoices / delivery challans

Sales Invoicing



  • Prepare Sales Order, based on the customer's order
  • Customer Invoicing and Payment Collection. Accurately track customer payment status
  • Order Fulfillment / Shipment, Multi-location shipping / billing
  • Integration with inventory management for automatic depletion of inventory at the time of shipment

HR / Payroll



  • Comprehensive Employee Master for all the personal and professional details of the employee
  • Manage Organization Structure and employee reporting relationships
  • Manage weekly offs & other holidays
  • Employee Leave Management / Leave quota and Leave Rule management
  • Online and offline leave application and leave approval
  • Define and manage grade wise / employee-wise salary rules & structure
  • Formula-based salary structure / fixed amount based salary structure
  • Attendance Management / Manage Attendance & Overtime Rules / Integration of Attendance Device with Payroll System / Overtime calculation
  • Employee Payroll Processing / Salary Slip Generation / Emailing Salary Slips
  • PF / ESI calculation, Statutory report generation

Financial Accounting



  • Get an accurate picture of your financials
  • Comprehensive Chart Of Accounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Journal Entries / Ledger Postings
  • Depreciation
  • Cash management
  • Preparation Of Final Accounts (Trail Balance / P&L Account / Balance Sheet)
  • Integration with sales and purchase
  • Easy reporting, drill down to the transaction level
  • Transactional security

Project Management



  • Define comprehensive project charter
  • Complete Project Portfolio Management - Manage Financial Year wise Projects, Have a centralized 360 degree view of the project execution
  • Define and manage projects of any type, size and complexity
  • Manage project timeline, project team, resources, risks and cost
  • View and manage project resource utilization
  • Organize, access, share and control centralized repository of all the project documents
  • Manage access control for the critical project documents
  • Timesheet management
  • Track planned vs. actual timeline, resources, cost
  • Manage project Bill of quantities (BOQ)
  • Facilitates excellent team collaboration

Asset Management



  • Manage entire lifecycle of the asset – from procurement to retirement
  • Manage asset category-wise, complete asset inventory
  • Serialize / Tag the assets
  • Manage asset warranty and extended warranty
  • Manage asset AMC. (Annual maintenance contract)
  • View a clear picture of assets under warranty / out of warranty / under AMC / out of AMC, as on date
  • Integration with helpdesk management for easy tracking of the repair and maintenance calls
  • Keep an easy track of maintenance cost and parts (components) replaced under the maintenance
  • Track and maintain asset movement / relocation history
  • Track asset to the purchase order level
  • Manage asset documents in a central repository, with full access control on the document repository

Document Management


  • Store, maintain and access critical business documents in a centralized system
  • Documents can be stored and managed in a multi-level document tree structure
  • Define and manage projects of any type, size and complexity
  • Any type of document can be stored: Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, CAD drawing file, any image file, any video etc.
  • If the document has been changed / edited, the different versions of the same document can also be stored
  • Each document can be given a meaningful description and key-words, for easily identifying and retrieving the document
  • Highly secured document storage
  • Define proper access control of the document, who can access which document
  • Never loose any business critical document / information

Helpdesk Management


  • Easy resolution of any operational issues, related to IT or Non-IT functions
  • Service Excellence - On logging the service requests, a ticket number is allotted to the users
  • The service request is attended by the person responsible or escalated to the next level
  • Call resolution by the service engineer
  • Notification to the users, regarding their call status
  • Integration with the asset management
  • Integration with the repair and maintenance

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