HR Employee Portal

HR Employee Collaboration And Info Sharing Tool


Our HR Employee Intranet Portal helps the organizations to enhance the organization wide communication. The interative portal provides the usefull contents to the employees. Using this portal, all employees, accross all locations can access and use the information, which is relevant for them.

HR Employee Portal Key Features


HR Employee Collaboration And Organization Wide Info Sharing



  • Enhance and strengthen official communication by disseminating useful corporate information to employees.
  • Spread the awareness of business objectives among all the employees by sharing the CEO's message, planned yearly targets, special business focus for the year, etc.
  • Share the latest happening of the organization, for example, latest success stores, new partnerships or collaborations, vists of speciall guest or business delegations etc.
  • Make periodic announcements, share spotlight messages.
  • Define and store HR documents like various policies, procedures, guidelines, employee handbook, safety manual etc.
  • Define access permissions for these documents. These access permissions can be for a grade, role, department, designation etc. or for all the employees.
  • Employees can access and view these documents as per access permissions defined by the HR department.
  • Share other usefull information with employees, like list of holidays, key contact numbers etc.
  • Share and let all employees know the list of new employees who have joined the organization in the current month, the list of birthdays falling in the current month etc.
  • All the content is generated, managed and controlled centrally by the HR department.

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