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Our IT & Business Consulting services are especially designed for Small or Medium Enterprises, and Startups. We partner and work with you on a project-based, and in a time-bound manner, and help you to achieve business value, operational efficiencies, employee productivity and operational cost savings. Leverage our high level of expertise and insight, derive the maximum business benefit from this professional engagement.


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We offer advisory and hands-on consulting services to help organizations work better and grow faster.


IT Management - Need Based CIO / CTO / Solution Architect / Project Manager / Consultant



Leverage our expert skills and the decades of experience in technology, management, operations and industry specific business processes. We deliver the business value and the business results by:

  • Assisting organizations in defining their short-term and long-term IT strategy or the roadmap, defining IT policies.
  • Assisting organizations to plan, evaluate, select and implement the right and cost effective IT infrastructure, software solutions and communication network.
  • Assisting organizations in Project Management of all IT Projects, ERP & CRM implementations, integration of multi-vendor hardware and software solutions.
  • Assisting organizations to strengthen their Data and Network Security. Conducting threat analysis of applications, infrastructure, & physical security of the data center. Proposing the appripriate countermeasures & solutions
  • Assisting organizations to manage their IT budget more efficiently and assisting them in lowering cost of IT operations.
  • Assisting organizations to effectively build and manage relationship between IT team, Business users, implementation partners, service providers, service level agreements (SLA) etc.
  • Assisting organizations in their overall IT management, IT operations and support. Advising the IT team & the management, and making recommendations, wherever required, in-line with the overall IT plan / Business plan.



Business Process Consulting



Our process consultants have decades of experience in complex business processes of Automotive (both OEM and dealerships), Manufacturing, FMCG/Retail and IT. Leverage our expert skills in business process consulting, for your business. We deliver the business value and the business results by:

  • Meeting with all the stake holders and corss-functional teams. Understanding their key requirements and expectations.
  • Assisting organizations in defining & documenting the workflows and the Process Maps.
  • Assisting organizations in process improvement by conducting 'AS-IS' and 'TO-BE' study of the existing processes and performing the in-depth GAP-ANALYSIS.
  • Assisting organizations to identify any risk associated with the process.
  • Assisting organizations to disseminate the final vesrion of the documented business process, accross the various business teams.
  • Assisting organizations to drive and implement 'change', as a result of process improvement.
  • Assisting organizations in overall project managment of the process impovement related projects.



Specialized Corporate Trainings - For Startup Organizations & For Captive IT Departments



Leverage our expert skills and the decades of experience in coaching and training. Our interactive coaching and training sessions help organizations to save operational cost, enhance operational efficiency, enhance team productivity, and successful execution of any project with key focus on timeline, delivery, quality and cost. We also help organizations in conducting the training need identification and analysis (tni / tna).

We understand the startups better! Some of our coaching programs are exclusively designed for the startups. These coaching programs help the startups to keep itself lean, and boost the employee productivity and morale in the initial years of the startup.


Training Name Training Description
Project And Program Management The project / program managment training is very usefull and important for both, the IT manager, as well as the IT team. This training will help you to plan, execute and deliver all your IT projects and activities in a timely & professional manner, and well within your budget limits. Learn and ensure how to optimaly use all your available resources for the successful project delivery.
IT Sourcing, Vendor Management & Contract Negotiations Sourcing is an integral part of the IT operations. Your success depends a lot on carefully selecting the right vendor or the service provider for your IT operations. Learn the best strategies for carefully selecting the right service provider, devising and negotiating technical, functional and commercial terms, establishing and managing vendor relationships & vendor delivery, measuring vendor performance through KPIs, SLAs and continuous feedback.
Effective Business Communication One has to interact and communicate with multiple stakeholders, at all levels, within and outside the organization. Effective business communication is your key to success. Learn the nitty-gritty of communicating well, and in effective manner, with all your business contacts.
Improving Internal Customer Service The business units, the end users, and the managment, all look upon the IT team, as their internal service provider, for helping them to address their business and operational issues, through the effective use of the technology. Learn how to improve and provide the best service delivery to your internal customers. This will not only make them the happy users of the technology, but will also help them the grow the business further, leveraging the technology better.
Budget Planning And Cost Control Learn the financial aspect of the IT Management. Technology investments and expenditures are generally a significant portion of the organization's revenue. A well planned and well prepared budget not only helps you in the smooth IT operations, but also helps you controlling and minimizing the cost of IT operations.
The coaching / training programs below are exclusively designed for stratups!
Employee Productivity Booster Startup years are just great! Everybody is so thrilled with the idea, everybody is putting thier best effort, energy and time to execute the idea and conquer the world, etc.
Yet, startup years are challenging at times. The high performance team, sometime start loosing the motivation and productivity. If you are a startup, and facing the downfall in employee motivation and productivity, this training is exctly for you and your team.

Use Our Productivity Software Solution:  In addtion to this specialzed training, we also have software solution to manage and enhance employee / team productivity. Use our project (productivity) management software, which enables the employee / team collaboration, helps you to assign, track and manage the timeline, cost and delivery. The 'time-sheet management' feature of the software helps you to measure the employee productivity.
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